Veranda (CA/QB)

On tour the second half of November 2023

En tournée la deuxième quinzaine de novembre 2023

«Inspiré par des artistes de la trempe de Loretta Lynn ou d’une jeune Dolly Parton, le duo ne fait aucun compromis et puise à même l’origine du son country, ce qui signifie beaucoup de banjo et de guitare, et qui n’a rien pour nous déplaire. On est en territoire bluegrass, ici, est c’est parfaitement assumé.» (Ici Musique)


The duo originally met at Barfly, a cozy watering hole regarded as a Montreal Bluegrass institution. They quickly became friends, then musical partners, and soon after started writing music together. And so Veranda was born.


Léandre Joly-Pelletier is a virtuoso on the guitar and sought-after multi- instrumentalist who has worked extensively with many well-established folk, country and bluegrass artists such as Sara Dufour, Laurence Jalbert, and Notre- Dame-de-Grass over the last decade. Even though he has mostly worked as a session musician, few people know what an outstanding songwriter he is. With Veranda, for the first time, his songwriting prowess and prolific creativity are showcased in a project of his own –and they certainly do shine through!


Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle is a professional actress known for her role in Radio-Canada’s hit TV show “District 31”, in which she has been a cast member since the first season. Although still in her early career, Lachapelle was nominated in 2016 for best actress in a supporting role, at the prestigious “Gala Quebec Cinema”. Yet, even as Catherine’s acting career flourishes, her need for musical expression simply cannot be denied! She has long been a singer-songwriter and her work can be found at

These two young artists may come from different spheres, but they have one thing in common: They love country and bluegrass music. They love singing together, and it shows!


Veranda is where their influences come together. With their first EP recorded in early 2019, Veranda presents 6 original songs that blend traditional and contemporary, simplicity and virtuosity. Their music is filled with sweet harmonies and soulful melodies. From high lonesome bluegrass to intimate folk ballads, the duo offers a fresh, Canadian take on classic Country music. Imagine a place way out in the countryside, with Dolly Parton, Ralph Stanley and Emmylou Harris singing under the pines; that's where Veranda calls home.


Première tournée Suisse en préparation


JE/DO 23.11 – Bussigny

VE/FR 24.11 – Option

SA/SA 25.11 – Option

DI /SO 26.11

LU/MO 27.11 Zürich

MA/DI 28.11

ME/MI 29.11

JE/DO 30.11

VE/FR 1.12

SA/SA 2.12

DI/SO 3.12



Catherine-Audrey Lachapelle: vocals

Leandre Joly-Pelletier: vocals, guitar, banjo, mandolin




2022: Là-bas
2020: Yodel bleu

2019: Woodland Waltz (EP)






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